Your mind is a muscle. Train it. Make it strong and happy with Brainiacs. You are getting smarter with every game. Get more and more points and you can show the world how good you are.

Start with the calculating game. Plus, minus… is it not easy? Click the bubble with the right figure. Achieve 30.000 points and enter another exciting level. Remember where the fish are. It is a game for your memory. But be aware that the fish are hiding behind the bubbles. If you get another 30.000 points you can play a game for logic. Are you sure you can think logically? Try to click the right colour of every single fish. It is not that easy how it seems to be…

It is up to you whether you play to get to the top of the highscores or only to train you grey matters.

Right now there are 3 games and there will be much more with the next updates.


This version is a BetaVersion and shall help us to learn more about the compatibility to the different Android Smartphones and the stability of that App. It would be very kind of you if you contact us in case that App doesn’t work on your Smartphone and describes the failure.

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